Friday, 27 November 2009

Visit to Germany

Earlier in the month I visited my boyfriend in Osnabruck. He took me to a lovely little museum near the city which displayed tradition dress of the area. The whole museum was packed with beautiful original clothes and accessories from the 1820s to the modern day. I also attended a lovely Ball in Leipzig at 'The White House' hosted by Club Concordia part of the FLG in Germany.

I love the storage system for gloves and parasols. The final photo is Karsten and me at the ball. I'm wearing one of my own creations, a net and tulle dancing dress based on 1812 Costume Parisien

A little advice, if you plan to make a dress in net be prepared for it to catch on sharp objects! However adding the flowers to the hem helps the dress to hang properly and not waft around too much.

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Anonymous said...

The dress looks great...and I would love to visit that museum sometime.