Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Exhibition - Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion at La Triennale, Milan

For the past year I have been working towards co-ordinating a very special exhibition in Milan. My friends Cristina Barreto and Martin Lancaster started collecting original clothing from 1790 to 1820 over ten years ago. Their collection not only comprised of clothing but also accessories, jewellery and fashion plates. In 2008 I helped them to dress a small exhibition in Sarzana, Italy. After this finished the goal was to make a bigger exhibition that showed the clothes not as just museum items but to give a sense of the actual fashion and the way they could have possibly be worn.

Last year Martin and Cristina found a wonderful exhibition space in their home city of Milan at La Triennale. Since the first small exhibition the collection had grown steadily so there was the possibility to show at least 50 fully dressed mannequins completely accessorised with original items. When the exhibition date was finally set for June 15th 2010 it was all systems go to get everything ready. Apart from the co-ordination of the exhibition, I was asked to make the support items for the dresses and write a chapter for the exhibition catalogue about the evolution of the cut of the clothes.

I would really like to take this oportunity to thank Martin and Cristina for giving me this opportunity to work on an amazing exhibition.
Phil Thomason's photos of the exhibition can be seen here too,
All photos are copywrite of Phil Thomason, Martin Lancaster and Cristina Barreto. No images should be used without their permission.