Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Then and Now

I was having a clear out and I found an old outfit I made nearly 10 years ago! The cut was inspired by French Napoleonic Uniforms and I used bits of braid and embroidery which  I had started collecting to trim it. I was amazed (and very happy) that it still fitted. The cut is not bad for my level 10 years ago although the sleeve pleating is totally wrong. This outfit was not based on any particular female garment of the period and I designed it to be worn for riding sidesaddle. However having seen some of the clothes of Queen Louise of Prussia whos outfits were very masculine style it is not too bad. At the end I've attached a back view of the pelisse I made for Compiegne this year. I had these cut steel trim bits for a while and they worked so well with the colour of the velvet.

I'll be posting pictures of my recent completed work next week. Thank you everyone for looking at my blog. Nearly 1450 unique visitors so far!!


Josje said...

I love little military style jackets for women, this one you made is so elegant.
The dress is gorgeous, beautiful in the grey velvet.

Lauren said...

Beautiful!!! Your work is amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

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