Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Imperial Shirts - Made in England

Here is one of a set of shirts made for an important person in France. I don't think he would have really had any clothing made in England during the epoch but now there is an 'Entente Cordiale' :-)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Shortgowns and Shortened Gowns

Short gowns were worn for working or informal wear at home. They were popular from the 1760s and into the early 19th century. They were practical and were usually cut in a basic T-shape with triangular shaped inserts added to accomodate the petticoat worn underneath. Some examples from the early 19th century became shaped under the bust with a cord  or seam to follow the cut of the Empire line.

Here are some examples I have made. The printed T-shape shortgown is based on the original example features in 'Costume Close Up' by Linda Baumgarten and John Watson with Florine Carr. The two yellow examples are cut to a dress bodice pattern and fitted with a cord in the neckline and under the bust. One was cut based on the pattern from Kohler's ' A History of Costume' At the end are two original printed fichu from my collection.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

Napoleonic Shabraque (saddle cover)

I completed this French Premiere Empire shabraque last week. In the past I've even taken measurements from a horse for a rug. That's what I like about this job, you never know what you might be making or who you might meet!