Thursday, 24 February 2011

Pink pelisse 1810 - revisited

Here is the cut of the back of my pink pelisse. Looking at Costume Parisien, I wanted to experiment with cutting a narrow back pattern. The trick is the grain of the fabric over the shoulders which needs to be slightly on the bias. Also there is a small amount of supression in the shoulder seam which is slightly curved.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Napoleonic Uniform 23rd Welsh Fusliers

Here are some photos of my latest work. I do accept commissions for uniforms but it depends on the type of uniform required and the timescale.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Pearl Dress 1811....a quick look

5000 pearls and many hours later here is the front of the Regency dress. It is nearly finished and I will post photos when it is complete.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Original Pelisse c. 1808-1815

This pelisse is from the Barreto-Lancaster collection but was sadly too badly damaged to be used in the exhibition 'Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion'.

The pelisse is made in  black silk velvet which has now faded to brown due to the nature of the dyes used in this period. It is lined completely in pink silk. I am not sure that the lining is original. However, the technique used is typical of this period. The top fabric and lining are made up separately then edge stitched together. There is depot label pointing to the evidence that the pelisse was part of a theatrical costume store stock.

The front panels of the pelisse bodice are shaped with one deep dart on each side. The front panel is also cut slightly on the bias which  aids the close fit of the front. The pelisse has no fastening apart from an internal tape made in pink silk which would pull the centre back panel in to give a close fit. There is a velvet ribbon belt stitched to the outside of the pelisse at the high waistline. The ends of the belt are badly frayed but it may have been pinned or tied at the front to fasten the pelisse. There is no evidence of any interlining or support in the bodice or high collar.