Thursday, 29 September 2011

More of Sarzana

Here are some more images courtesy of Linda Duncan. I cut and made this dress for Marie Louise in gold silk tulle with a silk taffeta underdress. The design was based on a dress in Costume Parisien. The decoration was made by Cristina Barreto.

Above is another image of my carriage dress made in red shot with purple silk taffeta. The carriage dress consists of two parts. The skirt and spencer section are separate. The design is based on an original in the 'Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion' collection which will be exhibited next year.

Napoleon and Sarzana

I am sorry for the long gap between my last post. The last months have been incredibly busy between working on films and preparing for a huge Napoleonic event in Sarzana. I made a new outfit for 'Marie Louise' plus a carriage dress for myself. More photos will follow but here is a taste............

Thank you to Roberto Fusconi for his wonderful photos.