Monday, 19 March 2012

Thank You!

I would like to thank 'A Fashionable Frolick' for awarding me the Liebster Blog Award. I am very grateful for this and thank you also for your kind words about my work.

So it now falls to me to award this to five other blogs. The criteria is that they should have less than 200 followers. So in no particular order..........

1. Morgan Le Fay Antique Textiles.
I love the interesting vintage textile items that are posted on this site. There is always inspiration here.

2. A Tailor Made It
I love to see the professional work on this blog.

3.Kleidung um 1800
Sabine's creations are exceptional and very inspirational.

4.V is for Vintage
Beth always posts an interesting variety of articles and I was a great fan of her brilliant recreation of a dress from Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion.

5.The Dress Diaries
Susan makes some beautiful creations and posts some very interesting articles.


Beth said...

Thank you for the award! It's a great compliment. :) Glad to know that even though I bounce around to different topic, you still like to read my blog!

Chanpart said...

I feel lucky to read this post. Thank you!
--Abercrombie and Fitch sale.

Susan said...

Hi Natalie-
Thanks so much for awarding my blog a Liebster Award! There are so many wonderful blogs out there! I feel honored you rank mine in your top five! Thanks again and happy costuming! -sj

Kleidung um 1800 said...

Blush! Thank you very much for awarding my blog :)))